A Reliable Exclusive Third-Party Seller at Your Service

Leveraging a decade of seller expertise, Seed is your comprehensive Wholesale partner, dedicated to fostering long-term growth on Amazon and beyond. Simply fulfill the purchase order, and trust us to manage the rest with proficiency and care.

Experience a Hassle-Free Approach to Selling on Amazon

Boost Sales and Minimize Stress

With Seed Media, enjoy steady orders, covered Amazon fees, and zero chargebacks. Our team manages monthly purchase orders for selected ASINs and dispatches your products through Amazon FBA. We oversee the entire process, encompassing returns, while absorbing all referral and fulfillment fees, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Experience Unwavering Brand Protection and MAP Adherence

From the outset, we strictly adhere to your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, brand guidelines, and seller agreements. Our team diligently monitors your Amazon listings for any price violations or unauthorized sellers.

Mutual Commitment to Success

With shared financial results, assortment expansion, and optimized stock levels, your objectives become our priorities. We carefully select brands that meet our quality standards, ensuring a fruitful collaboration.

Inventory and Supply Chain Solutions

Our proficient inventory forecasting analysts assist you in overcoming any supply chain challenges (the past few years have been notably dynamic), tracking trends to meet demand and reduce stockouts.

Marketing, Creative, and Advertising Services

Seed communicates your unique brand story through engaging A+ Content, photography, video, and more, while implementing Amazon SEO to maintain your product listings’ competitiveness. We adopt a highly effective and profitable approach to Amazon Ads.

Access to Expert Teams and Cutting-Edge Technology

Collaborate with a team of Amazon specialists led by your dedicated Brand Manager. Seed employs proprietary software and a variety of industry tools for pricing optimization, advertising, and keyword research.

Seamless Account Transition

We have facilitated smooth transitions for hundreds of brands from their existing selling arrangements. Whether you sell to another 3P seller or directly to Amazon, our straightforward path to partnership ensures a swift takeover and full alignment with our team.

Our comprehensive Wholesale partnership with Seed Media includes the following features:

Brand Management

  • Brand Management: We diligently oversee your brand’s presence on Amazon, ensuring consistent messaging, visuals, and overall brand identity to foster customer trust and loyalty.

  • Pricing Protection: We safeguard your brand’s value by vigilantly monitoring and enforcing your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, maintaining a stable and competitive pricing structure.

  • Content Monitoring: Our team ensures the accuracy and quality of your product listings, keeping them up-to-date and optimized for maximum visibility and customer engagement.

  • Customer Service & Review Strategies: We provide exceptional customer service and implement effective strategies to encourage positive reviews, enhancing your brand reputation and fostering consumer satisfaction.

  • Product Packaging Inserts: We design compelling product packaging inserts that not only protect your products but also reinforce your brand identity and provide essential information to your customers.

  • Amazon Case Management: We navigate Amazon’s case management system on your behalf, addressing any issues or disputes that may arise and ensuring prompt resolution.

  • Sales Performance Monitoring: Our team closely monitors your sales performance, identifying trends and opportunities for growth, and implementing data-driven strategies to maximize your revenue potential.

  • Brand Registry Setup: We assist in the seamless setup of Amazon’s Brand Registry, securing your brand’s intellectual property rights and providing enhanced control over your product listings.

  • Unauthorized Seller Reduction: We proactively identify and address unauthorized sellers, safeguarding your brand’s integrity and ensuring a consistent customer experience.

  • Amazon Compliance: We ensure your brand remains compliant with Amazon’s policies and guidelines, mitigating potential risks and maintaining a strong seller reputation.

Logistics & Fulfillment

  • Logistics & Fulfillment: We manage your supply chain from end to end, ensuring efficient and timely product deliveries to your customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

  • End-to-End Inventory Management: Our team oversees your entire inventory process, from procurement to storage and order fulfillment, optimizing stock levels and minimizing potential stockouts.

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): We expertly navigate the FBA system, streamlining your product storage, packaging, and shipping processes, while maximizing the benefits of Amazon’s fulfillment infrastructure.

  • Dropshipping: We assist in establishing and managing a successful dropshipping model for your business, enabling you to expand your product offerings without the need for additional inventory investments.

  • Amazon Returns Management: We efficiently handle your Amazon returns, ensuring prompt processing and resolution, while mitigating potential negative impacts on your seller rating.

  • Inventory Forecasting & Seasonality: Our team employs advanced forecasting methods to predict and prepare for seasonal fluctuations, maintaining optimal inventory levels and capitalizing on market opportunities.

  • Amazon Claim Management: We adeptly manage Amazon claims on your behalf, addressing any customer disputes or issues, and safeguarding your seller reputation.

  • Shipping Set-Up: We streamline your shipping processes, configuring cost-effective and reliable shipping options that cater to your customers’ preferences and expectations.

  • Assortment Expansion: We help you strategically expand your product assortment, identifying complementary products and lucrative niches to diversify your offerings and boost sales.

  • Product Launches: We facilitate seamless product launches on Amazon, ensuring your new offerings are optimally positioned, marketed, and supported to garner immediate traction and long-term success.

PPC & Advertising

  • Paid Advertising Management: We expertly manage your paid advertising campaigns on Amazon, maximizing return on investment and driving consistent traffic to your product listings.

  • Sponsored Products: We create and optimize Sponsored Product campaigns, ensuring your products are prominently displayed in relevant search results, capturing the attention of potential customers.

  • Sponsored Brands: We develop and manage Sponsored Brand campaigns, showcasing your unique brand identity and promoting your product range to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Sponsored Display: Our team crafts targeted Sponsored Display campaigns, reaching customers both on and off Amazon with engaging, personalized ads that drive traffic to your product listings.

  • Sponsored Brands Video: We produce and manage captivating Sponsored Brand Video campaigns, utilizing the power of video content to engage customers and showcase your products’ unique features and benefits.

  • Amazon Stores: We design and manage your Amazon Store, providing an immersive, branded shopping experience that highlights your product assortment and strengthens your brand presence on the platform.

  • Amazon Posts: We create and manage Amazon Posts, leveraging the platform’s social media-style content to engage customers, share your brand story, and drive organic traffic to your product listings.

  • Custom Promotions: We develop and execute bespoke promotional strategies, including discounts, limited-time offers, and bundled deals, designed to incentivize purchases and boost sales.

  • Performance Analytics: Our team employs advanced analytics to monitor and evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns, continuously optimizing strategies to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI.

Marketing Services for Amazon Sellers Include

  • Keyword-Optimized Copywriting: Our expert copywriters craft compelling, keyword-rich product descriptions and titles that capture your target audience’s attention and improve your listings’ search visibility.

  • Product & Lifestyle Photography: We provide professional product and lifestyle photography, showcasing your products’ features and benefits in visually appealing images that resonate with potential customers.

  • Animated & Lifestyle Video: Our team produces engaging animated and lifestyle videos that highlight your products’ unique selling points, creating an immersive visual experience that encourages purchases.

  • Platform Branding: We develop a consistent and memorable brand identity across your Amazon presence, strengthening your brand’s image and fostering customer loyalty.

  • Cross-Channel Brand Consistency: We ensure your brand’s messaging, visuals, and overall identity remain cohesive and consistent across all marketing channels, reinforcing your brand’s recognition and trustworthiness.

  • Product Variation Updates: We manage and optimize your product variations, presenting customers with a seamless and intuitive shopping experience that highlights the full range of your offerings.

  • A+ Content: Our team creates captivating A+ Content that combines high-quality images, engaging copy, and interactive elements to showcase your products and brand story, driving conversion rates and boosting sales.

  • Custom Branded Storefront: We design and manage a personalized, branded storefront on Amazon that highlights your product assortment, enhances your brand’s visibility, and provides customers with a seamless shopping experience.