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Building quality backlinks will help you establish a strong online presence.

Did you know that Google uses the number of high-quality external links on your website to help it decide how to rank you in its search engine?

Quality external links are such an important part of Google’s search ranking scoring system that it’s up there in the top 5 out of a 200 item checklist. This means that the more high quality links you have, the better and more popular you look to Google which can only mean you’re propelled towards page 1. And here at Seed Media, when we “grow” an SEO seed, our goal is always for you to be number one.

But, if you’re new to this term, you might not really understand the impact of building quality backlinks. So – let’s quickly define it:

In a nutshell, link building services will help build links on other people’s sites that point back to your own website. Think of it as “popularity votes”. It’s like a bunch of other people are referring to you and saying “Hey, this website is great! check them out!”. It’s easy to exploit link building services, though. Some companies offer great and legitimate link building services while some, the ones that don’t really have your long-term online success in mind, offer low-quality, often “spammy” link building services.


How does link building help you?

Well, other than the vital task of establishing relevance, quality, and authority, here are some more reasons why:

So, the question is

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